Corps Technology Group (CTG) is a VOSB (veteran owned small business). CTG was formed out of the disappointment created by corporate and government bureaucracy and their unwillingness to move away from the NIH (not invented here) phenomenon which prevents good ideas and new technologies from being integrated into current or future programs & products at the ultimate expense of the war-fighters and or a program’s cost, schedule and performance.

The primary mission of CTG is to serve as the liaison between operational units & agencies and the defense industry.  We also serve as force modernization officers within military units and government agencies.  We provide guidance from an operators perspective and pinpoint, accurate mission critical data to companies and or US agencies.  Mission critical data is often comprised of a combination user input, test and evaluation data, market analysis, technical analysis, systems engineering, and relationship building.  We are champions of KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)

We have strategically aligned ourselves with operational units, industry experts and academia from around the world. Combined, our SME’s have a long-standing tradition of excellence in the fields of Night Vision, Weapons, Weapon Systems, Sniper Tactics and Training, Combat Vehicles, Counter-Terrorism, EOD / NBC, Physical and Technical Security, EEE Parts/Reliability Engineering, Optical Engineering, Rapid Prototyping / Product Evaluation, Systems Interoperability, Expeditionary Logistics, and Disaster Response.

CTG is a diverse group of former Enlisted Special Operations, National Security, and Intelligence personnel whom all place Mission Accomplishment as our #1 priority.

Failure is not an option!


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